Terminals at Orly Airport

Important information

From March 19th, Orly Terminals will become a single passenger terminal named Orly 1-2-3-4. Please note that both Terminal S and Terminal W will merge into a unique terminal complex.

This change will bring to Orly Airport new features to simplify the travel experience and a large number of improvements on the baggage and security system and not to forget about new services and amenities in order to amuse passengers at the terminal.


Paris-Orly Airport consist of two terminals, distributed into two separate terminal buildings.


Inter-Terminal Transportation

Even the terminals are not connected, passengers may connect one each other by the ORLYVAL automated metro, which is of free use. It connects Orly Terminals and the Antony RER station. Opening hours: Daily, from 06:00 am to 11:30 pm, every 4-7 minutes. The trip from one terminal to other within a minute.



  • Orly South Terminal: Between Exits K and J
  • Orly West Terminal: Exit A


Journey time:

  • Antony to Orly South Terminal: 8 minutes
  • Antony to Orly West Terminal: 6 minutes


On the other hand, the free car park shuttle also connects both terminals with the airport car parks with 9 up to 19 minutes’ frequency. Opening hours: Daily, from 03:30 am to 12:30 pm.



  • Orly South Terminal, Exit C, Stop 9
  • Orly West Terminal, Exit C, Stop 3


Route: Orly South Terminal, Coeur d’Orly (Parking station, Police station, Hotel Ibis), car park P4, car park P5, Orly West Terminal.




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- Terminal Sud (South Terminal)

Orly Terminal S is just intended for shorter flights. It is composed by 6 levels.

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- Terminal Ouest (West Terminal)

Orly Terminal W is home of the long-haul flights. It consists of 3 levels.

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