Paris Orly Airport Terminal 3

Orly Airport Terminal 3 is the joint building which unites Orly 1-2-3-4 terminals.

It is home of boarding D gates D11-D22 and D23-D26.


Transfer Between Terminals

Transfer to Orly 1, Orly 2 and Orly 4 from Level 0 by foot.

Orly Airport offers free transportation between different locations within the airport:


Orlyval Shuttle

Automated metro transportation between Orly Airport Terminals and Antony RER Station. Please bear in mind that there’s a special fare for the trip.

Total trip time between terminals is about a minute.

Departures: Orly 4 (next to RATP counter), Orly 1-2-3: Exit 14. Please note that the access is located in an upper level. Get there by a lift. From outside the terminal, thereĀ“s an escalator.

Service hours: Daily, 06:00 am to 23:30 pm (for trips to and from Antony RER Station). 24 hours between Terminals 1-2-3-4.

Frequency: From 4 to 7:30 minutes.

Total trip time:
- From Antony RER Station to Orly 4: 8 minutes.
- From Antony RER Station to Orly 1-2-3: 6 minutes.


See the levels at Orly Airport Terminal 3:

- Level 0: Arrivals. Arrivals at Orly 3 is called Arrivals 3. Some of the services in this terminal are the baggage claim area, which consists of four baggage carousels, oversized baggage, baby area, post office, car rental counters, lost property, pharmacy, border police, first aid and toilets and some food, drink and other concessions.
It is possible to transfer to Orly 1, Orly 2 and Orly 4 from this level.

- Level 1: Departures. This level consists of a central area where the baggage drop-off is located. Find also automated check-in machines, baggage wrap, among other basic services.

Please note that this area leads to Orly 1 and Orly 2 (boarding for A, B and C gates), and to Boarding for E and F gates.
D Gates Boarding: Orly 3 counts with boarding for D gates D11-D22, whilst D23-D26 gates boarding is located with the general boarding for D, E and F gates.
Find here basic services such automated border control, cash dispenser, baby room, baby area, children’s area, smoking area, video games corner, water fountain, border police and toilets.

D, E, F Boarding: Find in this section boarding for D gates D23-D26. On the other hand, passengers should follow across this section to reach boarding for gates E and F.
Some services like food, drink and retail concessions, relaxation, baby area, children’s area, smoking area, toilets and airline lounges are available.



Take a look at the services in Orly Airport Terminal 3:

- Oversized baggage
- Baby area
- Post office
- Car rental counters
- Lost property
- Pharmacy
- Border police
- First aid and toilets
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Automated check-in machines
- Baggage wrap
- Cash dispenser
- Baby room
- Children’s area
- Smoking area
- Video games corner
- Water fountain
- Toilets
- Relaxation area
- Airline lounges


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