Paris Orly Airport | Food and Drink

There is a wide range of places to eat and drink at Orly Airport, from snack bars, pâtisseries and coffee shops to proper restaurants.


Most are before security, so if you are dropping someone off at the airport and have time to grab something to eat there is plenty of choice.


It is important to remember that passengers can’t take any liquids through customs unless they are in a bottle of 100ml or less and are sealed in a transparent bag.


Besides all the places where passengers can eat, at the airport there are various stores with snacks and food as well as Duty Free shops.  


South terminal

Restaurants, Bars and snacks

- Bert's (Level 1)

- Brioche Dorée (Level 0)

- CUP (Cuisine Urbaine Parisienne) (Level 1)

- Espressamente Illy (Level 1)

- Exki (Level 1)

- McDonald's (Level 1 and 2)

- Paul (Level 0) (Level 1)

- Starbucks Coffee (Level 0)

- Zumo (Level 1) 


West terminal

Restaurants, Bars and snacks

- BOCO (Level 1)

- Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar (Level 1)

- Eric Kayser (Level 1)

- Espressamente Illy (Level 1)

- Exki (Level 1)

- Ladurée, Restaurant - Salon de thé (Level 1)

- Monop'Daily (Level 0)

- Paul (Level 1)

- Red Café (Level 1)

- Red D'HIPPO (Level 1)

- Starbucks Coffee (Level 1)