Travel Money

If you’re flying from Orly Airport, the chances are you’re staying in the Eurozone. However, there are also plenty of flights to Africa, the Middle East, the UK and other non-Euro countries. If that’s the case, you can change your money right here at Orly Airport.


Currency exchange

There are two Travelex currency exchange offices at Orly, both located in the South Terminal (Level 0 and Level 1). Passengers can not only exchange currency and traveller’s cheques but make international money transfers, refunds the VAT and buy phone cards.


Opening hours

- Departures: from 6.30 am to 9.30 pm

- Departures (Customs): from 05.30 am to 08.00-08.30 pm.

- E-mail:


VAT refund

The service can be applicable for persons over 15 years old and that live outside the European Union. It only can be served for non-commercial tourist purchases for amounts in excess of €175 in the same shop and on the same day.

For the VAT refund there are two offices at Paris-Orly:

- South Terminal: Departures level, gate G

- West Terminal: Arrivals level, gate E



Orly airport has HSBC Bank Branch offering its services to all passengers that need it. There is a fully-operating branch in Orly next to Arrivals (pre-security, gate A), offering a complete range of banking services. It is open from 8.45am to 5pm daily. There are also ATMs throughout the airport.

- Phone: 01 49 75 59 49

- Location: West Terminal, Arrivals, Pre-Security.